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Optimalization of the selection of testing samples and mesuring points

In the phase of the offer or order confirmation, we summarize the customer needs. Where we find purposeful, we propose standardization / modification / enlargement / reduction of the set of samples or meauring points, in order to provide to the customer the most complex and clear output at the least cost, respecting the valid standards.

Hint: Consult with us in advance the sample selection and selection of the measuring points so that is possible to create full table of calculated catalogue heat outputs, within the full range of boundary conditions and full type range.

Different configurations

In case of tests for design development purposes, it is possible to test different product configurations, based on drawings or other written instructions.

To both accredited and non-accredited tests we provide additional measurements or analysis.  For example, it is possible to make snapshots with infrared camera, carry out contact temperature measurements, mesure fan rpm etc.

In such a case, for products being object of a valid harmonized standard, such activities are carried out separatelly from other activites of the laboratory, by a designed personel; the results will be pure data, charts, pictures and observations; we do not provide evaluation which configuration may be the best; we are also not allowed to give you any recommendation to improve your product.

Test samples

At the reception of your samples we control always, if the packaging is not destroyed. Just before the test, individually packaged samples will be unpacked, the state of the samples will be checked, potential nonconformities will be discovered, including possible errors of the labeling. Test samples are identified with HEATEST label with sample No. For radiators, sample weight, main dimensions and water content is measured.

We kindly ask our customers to pick-up the samples after testing, or to agree on their ecological disposal. Unfortunatelly, our facility and capacities do not allow packaging the samples and sending them back to the customer, with the exception of fully returnable packaging (closeable individual wooden boxes, special containers etc.).

Product performance assessment (for the purposes of Declaration of Performance and CE mark)

Since January 20th 2017, we have a status of a notified laboratory (notified body) NB 2693. Therefore, we can provide product performance assessment in accordance with the CPR for selected families of radiators and convectors, by System 3. More information can be found here.