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Test reports

From accredited tests, the results are delivered in the form of test report. In the test report, we present the description of the test and/or link to the standard, test results, data requested by the standard and also exact date of the test, date of the reception of the test samples, person responsible for testing and for the release of the protocol.

In case of the testing of the set of samples of the same type, service is ordered, and testing data allows this, we always determine the coefficients of the characteristic equation of the type, we determine the nominal heat output of the module, and calculate the table of catalogue thermal outputs for other sizes.

The annexe of the report include form measured data, customer drawing and a photografic record of the testing sample.

Test report show a link to the accreditation and combined mark of the ČIA (national accreditation body). Models of test reports are archived at the ČIA.

The customer will receive 2 numbered copies of the test report in printed and binded form; another copy is archived in our facility.

In the event that the assessment and verification of the constancy of performances by the notified laboratory is performed for the tested products, one copy of the test report is handed over to the customer and copy number 2 remains in the archive of the notified laboratory.

Before the binding of the test report, we will scanned copy and send to the customer by email.

You can download a model of the test report here.


Assessment of performace reports

Assessment of performance report, includes, for a given type (type range):

table of essential characteristics with related performance: from the reaction to fire to the resistance to small chocks, including the tables of the rated thermal outputs for the full set of dimensions within the type (type range).

- instruction about the validity of the Product performance assessment report (without any time limit; become invalid only if factors influencing the product performance change)

- identification of the notified body issuing the report, the number of which (NB 2693) is given by the manufacturer in the declaration of performance.

It are issued in Czech or English. Based on customer request can be issued in other languages. Our Product performance assessment report is valid in all EU countries and also in other countries, accordingly to international agreements.

  Model of the Product performance assessment report


Reports, analysis

In case of non-accredited tests, analysis and other customer requests, we can provide the results in the form of a technical report.